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Laverstoke Park Farm

About the project

Formula One ace Jody Scheckter, once famed for his fierce hot headed determination on the track, has turned this same passion and obsessive care to a 2,500 acre farm in Hampshire. Laverstoke Park Farm is an organic farm dedicating itself to the research and preparation of soil and has been hailed by experts as the perfect model for 21st-century farming. Jody’s farm and its produce have been celebrated by top chefs and food writers alike and is fast becoming a leader in organic thinking.

Scheckter has reintroduced rare and ancient breed cattle, planted over 130,000 trees and 31 different varieties of grass and herbs in his meadows, developed the world’s first tractor that runs on rape seed oil and has been credited for his impressive animal husbandry - including a 1,500 head herd (Europes largest) of water buffalo.

Everything - and I cannot stress this too strongly - everything begins with the soil," he declares. "Do you know that in one spadeful of soil there are more living organisms than there are people on this planet? We believe that healthy soil makes for healthy grass which makes for healthy animals, which in turn makes for healthy meat and milk and therefore healthy people who eat that meat and drink that milk".

The latest in Jody’s plans has seen a massive £7million project investing in the Farm Shop and Production Kitchens. Jody is determined to nurture the best, apply the best and produce the very best in the most organic and environmentally sustainable manner possible - his ideals are shaping the future of food production. Because of this he does not settle for second best and has therefore carefully selected Williams Modular Blast Chillers as a key element in caring for and developing his produce.

Williams Refrigeration Southern installed four of their energy efficient, unique airflow, WBCF90’s in to Laverstokes kitchens to assist the team of resident chefs with their Cook-Chill process.

Williams easy 1-2-3 controllers are designed to reduce time and energy and have been developed to ensure the nutritional value, quality and taste of even the finest ingredients is guaranteed. Laverstoke Park Farm is the new generation of organic farming - to find out more visit laverstokepark.co.uk

Facts and Figures
  • £23k Cook-Chill Project
  • 4 x WBCF90 Modular Blast Chillers
  • 2,500 Acre Organic Rare Breed Farm