Williams at Assist 2018

Williams at ASSIST 2018 23-24 August 2018, the Glasgow Hilton Hotel

23-24 August 2018, the Glasgow Hilton Hotel

Williams will focus on the latest additions to its ‘small kitchen’ range at ASSIST 2018, including its slimmest-ever Jade upright cabinet. The company will also reveal further details of its new energy-saving Gem Multideck merchandisers.

Many caterers have limited space for their kitchen equipment, which is why Williams developed the small kitchens range. It includes a variety of slimmed-down models that offer the same performance as their larger siblings, but in a more compact footprint. The latest is the Jade 300 – an upright cabinet with a footprint of just 595mm by 684mm. Amongst other top-of-the-range features it has an enhanced internal airflow design that provides constant temperature throughout the cabinet, while its energy-saving CoolSmart electronic controller minimises running costs. Despite its ultra-slim footprint, the J300 has a storage capacity of just over 335 litres.

The Williams Gem Multideck range combines an attractive design with high performance refrigeration that keeps food safely chilled. At ASSIST the company will talk about its latest Multideck range, The G Series, which combines looks and performance with superior energy efficiency technologies, making it Williams’ greenest ever merchandiser.

With the increase in a ‘grab and go’ service having such an impact in schools, multideck merchandisers have never been in such demand. The right choice of display units and products can make the school dining area look more like a high street outlet, while still offering a range of healthy and nutritious meals. An attractive display is essential, but operators must ensure that the merchandiser delivers on reliability, food safety, functionality and robustness.

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