Grab and Go Refrigeration.

Grab and Go at the Forecourt

Wednesday 03 May 2017

Modern garage forecourt shops have come a long way since the days peckish travellers would count themselves lucky to drive away with a bag of crisps and a warm can of pop - nowadays you’re likely to find an enticing selection of freshly made food and drinks.

With the expectations of customers having been raised by this trend, it’s vital for independent forecourts to modernise and adapt to remain competitive. While nearly 80% of forecourt shops in the UK offer cold food and 70% have a coffee machine, only around 50% offer hot food and just 29% have microwaves for customers use. This means there’s plenty of opportunities to broaden your offering and provide the range of goods that customers have come to expect.

Of course, providing the kinds of products customers want is only part of the battle. If the shop looks shabby and badly organised, you’re likely to lose potential sales as customers attempt to get out as quickly as possible. Creating a clear, attractive space with products organised in a logical manner helps guide customers through the shop and encourages them to spend.

Refrigerated Multidecks from Williams

Refrigerated Merchandisers are a simple way to create an eye-catching, hygienic grab and go display. Designed to look great and maximise retail space, each is fully customisable with a range of colours and finishes, and can be personalised with your branding too.

Energy saving LED lighting is fitted as standard, which increases overall efficiency and enhances the visibility of your product. They are also fitted with Williams’ ultra reliable refrigeration systems that keep food in peak condition, no matter where it is in the cabinet.

Further options are available to help create a unified offering. For example front-mounted snack baskets which make it easy for customers to select each of the elements of an all-in-one meal deal at once.

If you sell coffee, your merchandiser is a prime opportunity to create further cross-sales. Positioning a selection of pastries and cakes near the coffee machine is sure to tempt customers to go for an extra purchase.

The Williams range of Gem Refrigerated Merchandisers also includes a pastry chiller, which has been specifically designed to keep fresh goods in peak condition.

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