Choosing genuine spare parts

Learn why choosing genuine spare parts is important.

Choosing the correct spare parts is vital to the ongoing running of your appliance - that's why Williams Refrigeration offer a comprehensive network of servicing, support and spare parts all available directly. 

Global Product and Local Service

Williams Refrigeration offers a national and international spares, service and technical support team that you can access through any of our offices, as well as via our network of appointed dealers and service partners.

Priority Expert Advice

No one knows our products better than us - you can contact us directly for everything from fault diagnosis to parts selection and ordering. Just give us the serial number of your appliance and we will do the rest to ensure you receive the right part first time.

Peace of Mind With Genuine Spare Parts From Williams

Don’t compromise on performance or safety. Our spare parts are exactly the same quality and standard as we used to build your appliance. You can be certain they have been rigorously checked, tested and inspected to ensure the very best quality and exact fit with the comfort and assurance of the Williams guarantee and warranty.

Performance and reliability

Selection of some non-genuine spare parts may compromise your appliance warranty and lead to operating problems and performance issues. Downtime in the kitchen and food loss can be very costly, so we recommend you only use spare parts purchased from Williams.

Prolong the Life of Your Refrigerator - And Save Energy Too

Regular servicing using genuine spare parts ensures your appliance will last longer and give you many years of trouble free operation. Genuine parts have been carefully designed and selected to optimise the life of your appliance and save energy too.

Non genuine parts may have a shorter life expectancy and lead to higher energy consumption meaning your repair and running costs actually go up.

A Fast and Efficient Delivery Service

Our spare parts are carefully packed and delivered to your door by our logistics partners who are selected to offer the very best assurances of time critical service and support.