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Bakery Refrigeration

Williams Refrigeration’s specialist bakery equipment leads the way in dough conditioning and bakery refrigeration with an extensive range of cabinet, counter and modular storage, dough retarders, provers and retarder provers.

Designed specifically for the bakery sector the Williams Crystal cabinets and counters have been engineered to take 18’ x 30’ bakery trays and operate in high ambient 43°C environments.

Our intelligent dough-retarder-prover controller offers an improved user experience with easy to follow, intuitive on screen instruction whilst delivering increased energy savings through the Economy Mode.

Unsociable hours can be reduced with the easy to programme Modular retarder prover. Goods can be retarded and stored overnight or through the weekend, automatically proving, ready for baking at a pre-set time. Flexible configurations and a choice of trolley sizes make Williams Modular Provers the popular choice

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Crystal Cabinets
Crystal Cabinets

Bakery Cabinets available as a single or double door refrigerator, freezer, prover, retarder or retarder prover.

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