Chilled Multidecks

Williams chilled multidecks are available in a wide range of sizes and options. Whether it’s the slimline R70 multideck or a multiplexed R180, there’s a Williams merchandiser that’s perfect for you.

Refrigerated Multidecks for the Real World

Williams Gem Multidecks are incredibly popular with coffee shops, supermarkets, hotels, schools, universities, delicatessens, restaurants and hospitals.  Their designer style enhances any front of house, while their clever layout maximises every millimetre of retail space. The multideck chiller range is available in a choice of slimline or standard versions, to suit the available room, offering an ideal display fridge solution.

All our multideck display fridges are designed for front of house, enhancing the presentation and giving customers easy access to drinks, pre-packed snacks and dairy products.

Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Texture

Robust and Reliable

We know that durability is key in the fast paced ‘grab and go’ market. That’s why all our multideck chillers are available with a tough, food-safe exterior, in stainless steel or white PVC. Engineered from the ground up they are designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday use.

Removable Chrome Snack Basket from multideck chiller

Flexibile Finish

We know that your business is as unique as you are – that’s why our refrigerated multideck displays are completely customisable and are available in a variety of coloured finishes. With removable snack baskets and rear loading doors, and available in both slimline and standard formats, there’s a refrigerated merchandiser to suit any requirement.

Double Wheel Castors

Powerful Performance

Our commercial multidecks are manufactured to be fully HACCP compliant. They feature a powerful refrigeration system that is reliable and energy efficient, giving you peace of mind, along with a robust build. Practical features such as the double wheel castors provide easy positioning whilst the levelling feet guarantee stability.

Air curtain on multideck chiller

Energy Efficient

Saving energy is important – but so is keeping running costs low. A Williams chilled multideck makes it easy to do both. Their air curtain design recycles cold air back into the system for enhanced performance. Pull-down night blinds, sliding doors, high-performance insulation and hydrocarbon models ensure these are our most efficient refrigerated multidecks ever.

Multideck Controller

Clear Control

Our range of multideck display refrigeration features an advanced airflow design that delivers consistent temperature throughout the cabinet – ensuring food safety and product freshness. The clear display controller features system data monitoring and remote recording.

LED lighting on multideck chiller

Enhanced Display

Designed for maximum impact, our multideck chiller range features ultra-bright LED lighting offering great energy savings and superb visibility. Impulse snack baskets, removable EPOS ticket strips and optional panoramic glass sides offer superior product visibility to maximise your ‘grab and go’ sales.

Multideck Clear Profile

Keeping Cool

Clear vertical profiles further improve the air curtain protection, helping to minimise cold air leakage and reduce energy consumption.


Honeycomb Profile

Honeycomb shaped profile at discharge level reduces air impurities and humidity, boosting the front air curtain protective function.

Chilled Multidecks

Multideck G Series HFD

Multideck G Series HFD

Multideck refrigerated display with energy efficient hinged doors as standard.

Multideck G Series SFD

Multideck G Series SFD

Multideck refrigerated display with energy efficient sliding front doors as standard

Multideck M Series N

Multideck M Series N

Standard sized Multideck refrigerated display with retractable night blind.

Multideck M series S

Multideck M series S

Standard sized Multideck refrigerated display with double lock security shutters.

Multideck R Series N

Multideck R Series N

Slimline Multideck refrigerated display with retractable night blind.

Multideck R Series S

Multideck R Series S

Slimline Multideck refrigerated display with double lock security shutters.