Market Leading Commercial Cold Rooms

Comprehensive range of modular cold rooms and freezer rooms with models to meet every application and cold room budget.

What are cold rooms?

A cold room, or coldroom, also known as a walk-in, is a commercial fridge or freezer that is used in professional kitchens and are tailored to maximise the space available. The chilled or freezer coldrooms feature rack storage along with a variety of options to allow for a complete bespoke refrigerated solution.

Why use a cold room?

A cold storage room keeps ingredients, such as fruit, vegetables, fish and meats, at the correct temperature, helping extend the life of produce, while also reducing food wastage and costs.

When considering the storage of large volumes of food, buying refrigerated cabinets or counters is unlikely to be as cost-effective, or indeed as efficient. To ensure coldrooms are used to full their potential, it’s vital to make sure they are in line with both current and longer term operational requirements.

If large quantities of ingredients are received just once or twice a week rather than daily, then the additional space will be more valuable and beneficial to the operation of a kitchen.

Another key factor to consider is any on-site accessibility issues. A flat-packed modular cold room may be easier to locate in a basement or up a flight of stairs, rather than traditional refrigerated cabinets and chillers.

With so many options available to suit any kitchen, there are many other factors to consider, such as the refrigeration system, floor and door options, as well as access and control.

With increasing pressure on kitchen space, weatherproof external coldrooms can help maximise storage options by being sited outside. Read more on this here.

How does a cold room work?

A coldroom, like any refrigeration system, uses an evaporator and a condenser. We provide fully controlled, efficient and reliable systems. Find out more here.

Why choose a Williams cold room?

Williams has been manufacturing and supplying modular cold room systems to the foodservice, bakery, retail and many more industries for over 40 years. We offer the most comprehensive range of modular cold rooms and modular freezer rooms, you can rely on Williams to provide the best coldroom advice and the best solution for your business.

We offer a huge range of cladding, door and window possibilities for both back of house or front of house applications and can provide completely bespoke coldrooms, tailored to suit any kitchen space and footprint, as well as budget ‘off-the shelf’ modular types.

How much does a cold room cost?

The cost of a cold room can depend on a variety of factors from the size required to additional features, such as refrigeration system, lighting, access options, door types, shelving and viewing panels. Our Project Team are cold room specialists and will be on hand to guide you through all considerations during the initial survey.

They help you to choose the right commercial cold room that meets your business requirements, exploring all options available so you can rest assured the coldroom you install will be robust and reliable for the years ahead.

We also provide full after sales support and an on-going commitment to our customers to ensure your cold room maintains optimal performance.

Features and Benefits

Technical Drawing of Modular Cold Room

Built to suit

Our comprehensive project management service, choice of cold room types and array of options enables us to provide a solution that perfectly suits your application, footprint and budget.

LED Lighting

Built for efficiency

Standard features including LED lighting, low energy refrigeration systems and high density insulation help to ensure we provide the most thermally efficient, energy conscious coldrooms for today’s market.

Front of House Coldroom

Built to be different

Williams offer a vast range of cladding, door and window options for back of house storage, and to look at home out front, and truly stand out from the crowd.

Door Release

Built for safety

A range of features including panic alarms help ensure staff safety whilst our powerful efficient refrigeration systems ensures food safety at all times.

Market Leading Commercial Cold Rooms

Coldroom Project Management

Coldroom Project Management

Williams offers the complete coldroom service to make sure you maximise your storage capacity and minimise your running costs.

Coldroom Construction

Coldroom Construction

Coldrooms feature tongue and groove panels and fully camlocked joints, as well as a raft of options such as integral coving and foamed in conduits to further enhance its construction.

Coldroom Door and Floor Types

Coldroom Door and Floor Types

All cold room door types feature security locks for stock control and protection. The internal safety release provides complete peace of mind for staff working in coldrooms.

Further Coldroom Options

Further Coldroom Options

A cold room can be customised with additional extras, from bumper rails and shelving to external coldrooms.

Flexible Coldrooms

Flexible Coldrooms

A bespoke cold room can be tailored with cladding for front of house displays or built to withstand outside weather elements.

Coldroom Refrigeration Systems

Coldroom Refrigeration Systems

A cold room, like any refrigeration system, uses an evaporator, a condenser and controller. We provide efficient and reliable systems.