Touch Screen Bakery - NEW dedicated Bakery DoughMaster Controller

Tuesday 02 November 2010

Williams Refrigeration is launching an upgrade to its DoughMaster controller, introducing the very latest in touch screen technology to its specialist Bakery range of equipment, ensuring Williams remain at the forefront of the industry.  The added introduction of an energy saving Economy Modelaunches bakery equipment technology into the next generation.

Utilising PC quality graphics - a unique feature to the market, the DoughMaster offers a more simplistic and user friendly approach to baking.

The upgraded DoughMaster is a robust intelligent controller offering an improved user experience with to follow, intuitive on-screen instruction, contemporary touch screen display and PC quality graphics, guiding you through simple steps with minimum effort.

Most regular bakery controllers will flood the chamber with forced steam, much of which is wasted energy.  Williams' new DoughMaster controller not only regulates steam generation but also calculates the exact inlet required, only supplying this precise amount, thereby dramatically reducing lost energy.

Much of the energy consumed by a modular unit id sone so during interim periods when the chamber is between processes.  It is critical the fans are kept running in order to agitate the air but this can result in huge amounts of spent energy.  Williams' new controller is designed to accurately read the chamber temperatures, assess the energy being used and regulate the fans accordingly, therefore dramatically reducing waste energy - both streamlining your bakery and lowering your carbon footprint.

The DoughMaster can also provide informative feedback and diagnostics to assist an engineer and can be expanded and developed with firmware updates as technology progresses or your bakery expands.

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