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Choosing a coldroom can be a daunting task, learn what to look for with Williams

You might think one coldroom is much the same as another – after all, they’re just a big white box, right? Wrong. There’s a huge variety of critical factors to consider. What are you storing? Frozen? Chilled? Both? How much room is available on site? How much do you need to store? What about running costs? What’s more, there have been huge advances in coldroom design in recent years – modern versions are more flexible and energy efficient than ever. Customers who aren’t aware of what’s available may end up getting an incorrectly specified coldroom – and that’s an expensive mistake you don’t want to make.

Williams Refrigeration has supplied quality modular coldrooms to the foodservice, bakery and retail markets for more than thirty years. Our team can help you get the right solution for your business, working with you throughout the process, from initial discussions and our free site survey right through to installation and commissioning.

What to look for in a coldroom

Before choosing a modular coldroom it is important to be clear about how it will be used on a day-to-day basis, what products will be stored and how it can be integrated into your operation. Our local contracting team will assess the site, to ensure you get the perfect solution for your requirements - whether you need a standard walk in coldroom or a completely bespoke unit.

As part of this process you should consider the quantity of food that needs to be stored, and how long it will be stored for. Seasonal variations should be considered – how will they affect the ratio of chilled and frozen food stored? If you have significant seasonal change, consider units such as Williams’ Flexible Coldrooms, which have movable partition walls allowing you to easily adapt the storage space to suit.

Don’t overlook running costs when specifying a coldroom. Refrigeration is on 24/7 and, with running expenses representing the vast majority of the lifetime cost of ownership, a cheaper, less energy efficient unit will end up costing more in the long run. Always consider the long-term impact when starting a large-scale project like a coldroom installation.

Space and location are major factors in determining what type of modular cold storage you require. Not all premises lend themselves to an ‘off the shelf’ coldroom, and not all locations have sufficient space within the kitchen for a large cold storage area. As a result Williams offers a wide range of external coldrooms that can be located in back yards or near loading bays.

A recent popular trend is to move coldrooms to the front of house, to become an integral part of the dining experience. Our bespoke units can be custom-clad and accommodate large viewing panels and glass doors so diners can see the produce that’s on offer – such as aged meats, charcuterie or fine wine.

Bespoke Coldrooms from Williams

Bespoke Coldrooms from Williams

Choosing the right coldroom

Your needs and budget will affect your choice of coldroom. Williams manufactures three distinct types of coldrooms to match any situation and budget.

Standard Coldrooms offer a practical and economical solution for a variety of applications. They feature fully camlocked 80mm polyurethane insulated panels with an hygienic, white enamel finish.

Flexible Coldrooms allow you to benefit from professional refrigeration specifically tailored to suit your operation, with various sizes, door options and panel finishes available.

Bespoke Coldrooms are incredibly flexible and can be tailored to your site and application. Panels come in a full range of widths, heights and finishes. All panels are fully camlocked, feature 90mm polyurethane insulation and are supplied with an hygienic, white, foodsafe, PVC-coated finish as standard.

Modular Coldrooms

PIR fire retardant coldroom doors and bumper rails from Williams

Trust the experts

The success of a coldroom lives and dies in the details. Simple things such as the type of racking used, how the doors open and how it integrates with existing prep areas all need to be considered to ensure your modular cold storage integrates seamlessly with your existing kitchen. Williams’ free local design service and site visits will help to ensure all of this is covered.

As with all commercial refrigeration it doesn’t end once the product has been delivered. Choosing a unit that will last is key – look for suppliers that have coldrooms still running efficiently after at least seven years, and find a supplier that has installations to back up their credentials. It is also important to look at the service and support offered after the product has been installed – you’ll want to make sure that the team looking after your unit is as professional as the one that installed it.

Williams’ local contracting teams are uniquely placed to offer a free site survey including Risk and Method statements, dedicated project management, installation and user training. Once installed our dedicated team ensures your coldroom will run problem-free for years to come. We manufacture, install and service our coldrooms – so you can rest assured we know them inside out!

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