Everything and the Kitchen 'Shrink'

As restaurants, cafes and gastropubs grow, their kitchens are mysteriously shrinking…

While the quality of food and overall functionality still remains king in the kitchen, restaurateurs are discovering that clever design can mean more front of house table space and more room for customers. A number of factors are making tiny kitchens the best option for catering specialists, with more seating being the foremost.

In the lively and crowded streets of London or Paris, for example, you may see a popular new restaurant every few feet offering more specialised menu options than ever. With this saturation of commercial spaces, it’s no wonder smaller establishments are becoming the norm – and they’re doing it the smart way.

The flow of the kitchen space is paramount for back of house staff to be able to work at their stations efficiently and without knocking into countertops or one another. Careful ergonomic design of kitchen must-haves like the Williams Chef’s Drawer, a space-saving and low height refrigerated counter, are crucial to creating every chef’s ideal workspace.

With almost every unit fulfilling more than one purpose, such as the Prep Well refrigerated prep station that also features an integral chopping board, the kitchen becomes a considered space that puts effective design into real-world practice.

If you would like to find the solution to an unusual kitchen suite, take a look at our helpful guide to choosing how to fit your kitchen space and make the most of every square inch.

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