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Flexible Refrigeration is Vital for New-Wave Curry

Monday 04 September 2017

The UK’s long running love affair with the curry is evolving, as a new wave of restaurateurs flex their creative muscles and show the public there’s more to Indian cuisine than the beloved Tikka Masala.

Until recently the majority of Indian restaurants in the UK have actually been serving a hybrid of Bangladeshi cuisine adapted to be more acceptable to the traditionally timid British palate. But this is just a small fraction of the food the subcontinent has to offer, and as our tastes become more adventurous, chefs are able to use a wider range of techniques, styles and flavours from further afield than before.

This trend goes hand in hand with others, such as the rise of tasting menus, sharing platters and lighter tapas-style meals. These kind of meals can place more pressure on kitchens as they require a greater variety of ingredients and techniques, while still needing to keep service fast.

This makes choosing the right refrigeration equipment vital.

For example, preparing dishes that require lots of fresh ingredients can be streamlined by using prep wells and refrigerated counters together. Counter top Thermowells are ideal for such purposes - as a standalone refrigerated prep well, it can be sited on worktops, wall-mounted or even mounted on legs, which makes it ideal regardless of how much space you have available.

Using prep wells in combination with under-counter refrigerators means that all ingredients required are within easy reach at all times, helping to save time. This also makes it easier to extend service from just evening meals to offering a different lunch menu.

Obviously the harder you work, the tougher you need your equipment to be. Williams equipment is built using robust and hygienic stainless steel allowing it to keep pace with life in a hectic kitchen, while the advanced refrigeration technology means it can cope with ambient temperatures up to 43°C.

With greater competition in the market sector than ever before it’s vital to look for ways to stand out from the crowd. Picking the right equipment and making sure it works well together can go a long way in achieving this.

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