Freshly Squeezed Refrigeration: Williams at Hospitality 2015

Stand 430, Hospitality Show, NEC Birmingham, 19-21 January

Stand 430, Hospitality Show, NEC Birmingham, 19-21 January

As pressure on kitchen space gets ever tighter, Williams has redeveloped many of its standard models, squeezing their features into slimmed-down versions that deliver top performance but in a much smaller footprint. A selection from the company’s ‘Freshly Squeezed’ range is the focus on stand 430 at Hospitality 2015.

It’s not just cabinets and counters that have been ‘squeezed’: an undercounter blast chiller, capable of handling loads of up to 10kg, is also in the range. It measures just 885mm high, 707mm wide by 804mm deep, is fully HACCP compliant and, like its larger siblings, offers a choice of ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ chill, to protect delicate products and ensure consistent and thorough chilling, whatever the food.

The selection of ‘squeezed’ counters includes the Jade JSC2 slimline, a heavy-duty, two-door model that’s only 500mm deep, yet has a 242 litre capacity.

Some of the products in the range have been created specifically for the most compact kitchens. The PW4 Prepwell is a mobile ingredients well and prep counter that can be wheeled around the kitchen, or out of the way when not required. The TW4-S3 Thermowell is a mini refrigerated ingredients well that stores up to four 1/6 GN pans and can be placed on top of a counter, mounted on the wall or sit on extendable legs.

When it comes to compact refrigeration, the Amber A135 cabinet takes some beating. Measuring just 606mm wide by 577mm deep and 806mm high, and with a 133 litre capacity, it’s the ideal solution for small kitchens. It’s especially suitable in noise-sensitive areas, since it has an ultra-quiet refrigeration system.

Williams also has its latest Multideck merchandiser on display. The R100 SFD is designed to maximise retail space in its 279-litre display area and comes in an attractive choice of colours and finishes, to match the site’s decor. It also has front-sliding doors – these cut energy consumption by a massive 50%, compared to open display models.