Hot cross buns - one a penny, two a penny

Hot cross buns are a mainstay of Easter tradition, but not always in the form you’d expect.

As Easter approaches, one of the treats that we as a nation most look forward to tucking into is the hot cross bun (toasted and slathered with butter is our preference) . Traditionally eaten on a Good Friday in Christian tradition,  where hot cross buns originate from exactly is hard to pinpoint. Despite this, their popularity in the 21st century cannot be disputed and the wide range of flavours and types available in shops is testament to this.

Hot cross buns are a mainstay of Easter tradition, but not always in the form you’d expect. As well as more unusual flavour combinations such as lemon and ginger, chocolate and orange and even super-healthy sweet potato and honey, the humble hot cross bun can be elevated into a special Easter dessert. Think hot cross bread and butter pudding or deep fried hot cross bun dough served with ice cream. Leftover hot cross buns soaked in eggs and cream and then fried make a fantastic Easter French toast!

It’s important to remember that a great hot cross bun starts with a good quality dough, and this is where Williams Refrigeration can help. By using a dough retarder prover such as the RPC1T Crystal cabinet, you can store raw dough in a perfect state until it is needed for baking. Dough is kept in prime condition thanks to features such as intelligent steam calculation and automatic temperature control. Consistent results every time, and perfect hot cross buns.

To find out more about Williams’ dedicated professional dough conditioning equipment, view our full bakery range here.

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