Hotelympia: Williams Sponsor Salon Culinaire

Thursday 20 February 2014

Reliable equipment will help chefs keep their cool when competition gets hot;

Williams and Falcon also sponsor Cost Sector Catering Live

Williams and sister company Falcon are supporting chefs at Hotelympia by sponsoring the Salon Culinaire and Cost Sector Catering Live events.  Both events feature stunning live food demonstrations – and chefs will rely on quality equipment to put on the best show. 

“We’re very pleased to have been asked once again to participate in both these dynamic events,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director at Williams.  “The Salon Culinaire is obviously one of the key visitor attractions at Hotelympia and is always an exciting showcase, even more so this year with the improvements to the programme.  Cost Sector Live is also going to be very interesting, with chefs producing wonderful looking and tasting food, focusing on health and nutritional standards.” 

Williams and Falcon have been supplying equipment for the Salon Culinaire for over ten years.  “Whilst being asked to provide the equipment for such a high profile, high-pressure event is obviously a great compliment, our sponsorship is also an excellent way for us to give something back to the industry,” says Malcolm.

Williams is providing the main refrigerated and freezer storage for the two events, in the shape of its popular Jade cabinets.  “Most of the chefs will be familiar with the Jade as it’s our best selling range,” says Malcolm.  “It combines robust, stainless steel construction and energy-saving features – though no doubt the chefs will mainly be keen on its ability to maintain temperature, even in high ambients. 

“When the competition gets hot, it’ll help them keep their cool.”  

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