Marcus Wareing brings green fridges to the table

Hard-working, flexible, energy-saving Williams fridges get ‘job done’ for two Michelin star chef

Hard-working, flexible, energy-saving Williams fridges get ‘job done’ for two Michelin star chef

Marcus Wareing has just completed an extensive renovation to his two Michelin star restaurant in the Berkeley Hotel, London, it reopens on 24th March under the new name, Marcus. As the dining room has been transformed, so too have areas of the kitchens. “We’ve been here ten years and this is the first refurb we’ve had – until now we’ve been topping up on equipment as we go along,” he says.  “We’ve gone into the whole design process and it’s been very interesting.  One of the things that’s really come to light is green, energy- saving equipment, which was hardly discussed ten years ago.”

“We brought Williams to the table, to put every in every element of the refrigeration in this kitchen.  Their green credentials were very much part of the selection process.” 

The kitchen project was undertaken by CHR Food Service Equipment. 

Williams designs its refrigeration to be as sustainable as possible, under its Greenlogic initiative.  For example, its CoolSmart controller reduces energy consumption by up to 15%, by adjusting to changing conditions.  “The fact that the motors are only working when they need to is really reassuring,” says Marcus. 

The refrigeration in the new kitchen is all undercounter.  Williams supplied eight units in all, a mixture of two- and three-door models, with both chilled and freezer storage.  “I didn’t want anything large up here, this is a service kitchen and we have customers dining at the chef’s table.  I wanted everything to be at one level so they can see what’s going on,” says Marcus.

Flexibility is a key consideration with equipment design, especially in London where kitchen space is at a premium.  “Williams fridges offer a variety of configurations, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pretty much make your own design,” says Marcus. “We have door fridges but also drawers, because I want to maximise as much of the space as the fridge offers by having different compartments.  What we have here now, in terms of refrigeration, ticks all the boxes for chefs who want to have everything at their fingertips.” 

In the downstairs prep kitchen Marcus has a Williams Blast Chiller Freezer.   Unlike conventional models, which accept food at 70°C, the Williams blast chiller can handle food up to 90°C and still chill to 3°C within 90 minutes.  Its WEB 1-2-3 control panel makes it easy to use, too.  “It’s an incredibly versatile thing to have in a kitchen.  It chills very quickly, getting from high temperatures right down to where you want to be as fast as possible; take out the food, put it into the fridges, job done.  It can be a fridge, a freezer and it can blast chill and blast freeze. It’s a really, really good piece of kit, and I love it.” 

Marcus at the Berkeley

Equipment that is easy to live with is vital in a busy kitchen.  “Williams fridges are very user-friendly, very easy to clean, and very strong.  You know chefs are going to slam fridges when they’re busy.  These fridges will get a real hammering and there’s nothing better for that than a Williams fridge, because it can take it.” 

For the refurbishment Marcus specified equipment that would last and be easy to live with.  “What I look for is fridges I don’t have to worry about.  Williams are hard working pieces of kit that are built to last eight, nine, ten years. 

They are a fantastic brand, they’ve been around for a long time, they’re proven, they’re tried and they’re tested.  That’s why I’ve chosen them and that’s why I’m going to stick with them.”