NEW can holder shelves available for Multidecks

Williams launches optional can holder shelf for our popular Multidecks, designed to enhance customer satisfaction and work efficiency.

We have recently launched new shelves for our refrigerated grab and go Multidecks that are specially designed to hold canned drinks.  As well as displaying cans more effectively than a standard shelf, they make it easier for consumers to access them and easier for staff to restock the unit, so they enhance both customer satisfaction and work efficiency. 

The can holder shelves look very smart and are gently sloped, to allow cans to slide forward seamlessly to fill up the gap when one is taken.  Shelves are available for all sizes of Multideck, they are easy to install and they can be retrofitted to existing units.  Their adjustable brackets mean they can work with different sized cans and can be adapted if the offering changes. 

The shelves are compatible with all our Multideck options, including models with rear loading doors, which have the added benefit of making restocking even simpler and more efficient. 

“One of the reasons our Multidecks are so popular is that they have so many options,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams Refrigeration.  “The new can shelves are part of that customisation offer, enhancing their ability to be precisely specified to fit the requirements of the customer.” 

In terms of aesthetics, those customisation options include a huge choice of different colours and finishes, and the ability to add extra LED strip lights, which enhance the display while using little energy and generating minimal heat. On the practical side there are options such as night blinds, security shutters, front doors, either sliding or hinged, impulse snack selection baskets for added merchandising potential, food tray slides, glass shelves and mirrored panels.

Our Multidecks are available in a huge range of capacities and sizes, from the slimline 194 litre R70 to the large volume M180, with a capacity of 889 litres.