New Williams Medi+ range

Fridges and freezers tailored to specialist needs of medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities.

The Williams Medi+ range offers precise, reliable and stable temperature control and a choice of 17 models, from compact undercounter units to upright cabinets, including slimline versions. 

This diversity means Williams can offer medical refrigeration products to suit applications for the storage of bloods, drugs, medicines, vaccines and other medical needs in a variety of sites including hospitals, laboratories, nursing and care homes, pharmacies, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, vets and other clinical settings.

Williams Med+ Range solid doors

This new Williams Medi+ range utilises proven refrigeration systems and high density, eco-friendly insulation to maintain stable storage conditions, even in high ambient temperatures. Robust, stainless steel construction, low noise emissions, alarms for high and low temperature, internal LED lighting and securely lockable fridge doors make them ideal for use in these specialist markets.  With the exception of the undercounter Medi+ 135, all models also feature self-closing doors.

“The Williams Medi+ products are designed to meet the exacting needs of medical and laboratory applications,” says Williams’ sales and marketing director, Malcolm Harling. “From delicate, temperature-sensitive laboratory uses to high-value pharmaceuticals, we’ve put all our expertise into developing medical refrigeration, both fridges and freezers, that offer the most reliable, stable and robust storage conditions.” 

Williams Med+ Range glass doors

Williams Medi+ products are available with a choice of options so that operators can tailor the product to their specific needs. These include glass or solid doors and a choice of white nylon coated wire shelving as standard or optional punched stainless steel versions. The wide choice of medical refrigeration models offered within the Williams Medi+ range means that operators can select a fridge or freezer that best suits both the application and the available space, from compact undercounter units to slimline variants and larger capacity cabinets.

All Medi+ models feature Williams’ specially developed refrigeration controller. This automatically monitors the fan, defrost and compressor, alerting users to potential problems and ensuring that the critical storage temperature is not compromised.

Furthermore, it’s important for both high and low temperature medical and laboratory cabinets to have a spark-free interior/storage space. This in turn ensures that there is a zero chance of igniting any flammable liquids or gases within the refrigerated space of the cabinet.

What is a spark free fridge?

Spark free – or spark safe – means that the interior of the refrigerator has been manufactured without any potentially sources of ignition. Spark free fridges are important for the safe storage of liquids or gases that could potentially ignite. Our cabinets have ATEX approved components fitted internally, therefore we can designate our internals as spark-free.

Williams Med+ Range controller

Williams has over 40 years’ experience of commercial refrigeration and all products in the Williams Medi+ range are manufactured in the UK.

The company already has experience in the storage of high value pharmaceuticals, having developed a range of coldrooms specifically designed for this application. The NHS and other public sector organisations have access to the range via The ESPO Contract 98 and M98 Frameworks.

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