When Wining Meets Dining

From Cabernet Sauvignon all the way to Champagne, everyone has their preferences for certain varieties and origins of wine. As a nation, you may be surprised that the UK is a proud producer of its own wines. In May 2017, a Norfolk-based wine by the name of ‘Winbirri Vineyard’s Bacchus’ won Platinum Best in Show prize at the Decanter World Wine Show. It stands to reason why wine has taken centre place in the world of restaurant dining.

Gone are the days of expensive wines being hidden in a back cool-room, away from public eye. Now it is fairly common to see a beautiful wine tower or cooling rack right beside your dining table, like the luxurious Williams wine towers installed at The Sign of the Don, which featured in one of our previous case studies. If you’re a restaurant, hotel or bar with an extensive or impressive selection, it makes sense to bring your choice of wine to the discerning customer’s eye. It doesn’t end there though, with impressively designed equipment like the Deluxe Beverage Cooler, pubs and bars can take advantage of a superior design and stylish ambience.

Sign of the Don

As the wine industry evolves and wine-drinkers increasingly appreciate the aesthetic experience of choosing and consuming their white, red or sparkling of choice, having the reliable equipment used to keep these wines in a perfect, sustainable condition is key.

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