Why buy genuine spare-parts

Superior sealing technology with Williams Refrigeration door gaskets

Williams Refrigeration door gaskets are specially designed for our appliances to withstand the high demands of day to day working in commercial kitchens, bars and foodservice environments.

Selecting a genuine Williams Refrigeration door gasket assures you of an exact fit, as well as assured quality to uphold both hygiene standards and energy efficiency by optimizing the air tight seal that adds to a life time of trouble free operation.

Door gasket detail

Williams gaskets are manufactured to the highest quality and technology standards. Our gaskets are made of special PVC formulas for excellent low temperature flexibility and include special biocide materials to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth. Together with the special profile, they offer an easy clean design with high oil and grease resistant properties, and are less prone to kitchen rigors that often see alternative gaskets tearing and splitting because of their inferior make up.

Williams gaskets are all easy fit, with a push in design and can be quickly fitted without the need to call for a refrigeration engineer or technician. Our gaskets also have special welded corners to ensure both strength and flexibility and, with the inclusion of our soft seal magnetic strip, are an essential element of ensuring an assured air tight seal and energy efficiency.

Door gasket welded corner

After market gaskets may look very similar and cost less, but may not offer all of the superior sealing technology that is guaranteed with a genuine Williams gasket.

We firmly believe that the genuine Williams gasket will help ensure your appliance continues to run efficiently and deliver the optimum standards of safe food storage, hygiene and energy efficiency over many years, and will outlast many of the alternatives that are seen in the market place.

Order direct from Williams

Our spares and technical service team are available from 8am to 5pm to help and support you. Spare parts ordered by 3pm on Monday to Thursday and by 1pm on Friday will be dispatched on the same day for guaranteed next day delivery.

Contact us on 01553 817017 or email info@williams-refrigeration.co.uk

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Why buy genuine door gaskets