Williams celebrates 30 years of ISO 9001

Recertification confirms commitment to ‘enhanced customer satisfaction’ for commercial refrigeration manufacturer.

Pictured: Colin Breeze, Customer Services/Quality Assurance Manager, Jeannie Adkin, Quality Systems Manager and Stephan Chapman, Quality Assurance Technician

Williams Refrigeration first achieved ISO 9001 certification back in 1991 – just a few years after the standard was created.  On April 29 2021 the company successfully achieved recertification, marking 30 years of commitment to the best possible customer support. 

Internationally recognised ISO 9001 is focused on providing enhanced customer satisfaction by the implementation of an effective Quality Management System (QMS).  Jeannie Adkin, quality systems manager for Williams, says, “We take great pride in the fact that we have held our ISO 9001 certification for 30 years.  Our recent recertification assures customers of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards as a quality-conscious supplier. 

“By frequently reviewing and continually improving our processes and procedures, we ensure our customers receive a consistently high level of quality products and services.”

Tim Smith, managing director of Williams and CEO of its parent, the AFE Group, praised the achievement.  Smith says, “Maintaining ISO 9001 is a result of teamwork.  I’d like to thank everyone at Williams for their continued commitment and support in ensuring we maintain this important accreditation. I extend my particular thanks to Colin Breeze, Jeannie Adkin and Stephan Chapman of the Quality Department for all their hard work and determination in achieving such a successful outcome.” 

Williams, a global leader in commercial refrigeration, also holds ISO 45001, the standard covering occupational health and safety; and ISO 14001, which measures all environmental impacts within an organisation. 

“As a quality manufacturer it’s important to have benchmarks to measure ourselves against,” says Smith.  “The ISO accreditations also underline our credentials to our customers, giving them a guarantee of quality and integrity not only in terms of our products, but also our manufacturing processes and our customer support.” 

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