Williams to exhibit at Specifi’s next virtual trade show

Williams Refrigeration will be exhibiting at Specifi’s next virtual trade show, vNEXT-IBITION which takes place on March 17th.

Williams will be demonstrating its latest equipment and showcasing up to the minute technological advances based around the theme of “Innovation at the core”.

This is the second virtual vNEXT event, and will be free to attend for anyone interested in any aspect of the foodservice industry. Visitors will have the opportunity to ask about new products in detail, as well as video chat with company representatives to learn more.

Williams will be showing many of the products it has launched recently, including the WTBC70 blast chiller, MaxiPrep station and variable temperature chef’s drawer.

The WTBC70 is the first blast chiller on the market able to work with three different combi oven trolleys.  It can accept 20 rack GN1/1 combi oven trolleys that are compatible with the latest iCombi Pro from Rational, as well as Rational’s previous 201 version and the Lainox combi oven trolley. Until now, any roll in blast chiller would only be compatible with one brand of trolley.   The WTBC70 features guide tracks located on the underside of the cabinet that direct the wheels into the right path for a smooth entrance. It is a flexible solution for any business looking to take advantage of cook-chill systems.

The MaxiPrep is Williams’ next generation refrigerated prep station with an innovative design that creates an ‘ultra-flexible’ prep-and-store solution. Ingredients are kept chilled and protected by an advanced airflow system, guaranteeing storage temperatures and food safety while also saving energy. It chills ingredients pans from below whilst passing a curtain of cool air (at 1°C) over their open tops. This double action not only chills more effectively, keeping ingredients at 4°C, it also puts a cold air barrier between the ingredients and the warm kitchen air, while allowing chefs instant access to them.

The SWCD1 chef’s drawer provides a flexible system of storing ingredients right where they’re needed, on the cookline. They feature a variable temperature control that allows them to be switched between refrigerator and freezer as required. A side mounted and front ventilation refrigeration system allows easy access for maintenance while allowing it to be installed almost anywhere in a kitchen even when space is tight. Multiple units can be suited together to create a customised storage solution.

“Having the chance to showcase our latest innovations to customers is a great opportunity,” says Malcolm Harling, Sales and Marketing Director of Williams. “The addition of video chats will help enormously with being able to answer any questions they may have, and helps to bridge the gap between what we expect from real world and virtual events.”

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