Williams respond to demand for 'green technology'

Tuesday 01 March 2011

Williams Refrigeration has seen a significant increase in its sales of hydrocarbon equipment over the past twelve months.

Williams fully expects customers to continue this trend of selecting and purchasing the greenest products in today's market and has taken measures to ensure its manufacturing process for the handling of hydrocarbons is fast, efficient and safe.  As part of its Continuous Improvement philosophy it has invested nearly a quarter of million pounds in three automatic charging and evacuation stations for hydrocarbon refrigerants.

The state of the art charging stations are fitted with extraction fans at both table height as well as floor level (hydrocarbons are heavier than air).  The extraction enclosures are fitted with interlocking safety gate switches - thereby only allowing that charging and evacuation of hydrocarbons once the gates are fully closed.

Gas sensors are fitted within the ductwork to detect any possible leak of refrigerant into the atmosphere.  An inverter drive allows the extraction fans to operate at a lower, more energy efficient speed during normal operation.  In the event of leakage, the charging station will automatically shut down and high speed system fans will kick in, extracting any refrigerant immediately.

To conserve energy each enclosure has its own extraction fan system, allowing operation only when necessary and enabling it to be switched off in times of non-use.

Personnel have recently undertaken and approved BOC Safe Handling of Hydrocarbon Refrigerants course and as such all charging stations are now fully operational.

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