Williams makes frying easier with their new Fry Station Drawers

Williams has launched new compact drawer cabinets designed to offer a flexible chilled or frozen storage solution for frying and grilling stations.

The Fry Station Drawer is available in one and two drawer versions, and thanks to its variable temperature function can safely store a variety of frozen or refrigerated foods, right where they're needed at the point of cooking.

Both models include an optional fry basket hanger, supporting up to four baskets, which can help to streamline the process from fresh or frozen to fried.  With the unit located next to a fryer, contents can be scooped direct from the drawer.  The basket can then be hung on the hanger before frying.  As well as being very convenient for staff, this process can improve food quality as the 'hang time' allows frozen crystals from the food to drop off.  When the basket is placed in the cooking oil, this reduction of water crystals means it doesn't have to recover temperature as much, thus enhancing cooking quality.

The Fry Station Drawer allows for a variety of frozen, in-demand, food storage options, from chips, wedges and onion rings to chicken nuggets and poppers, plus much more.  It has a capacity of 109 litres (up to 35kg of food product).  Some sites are likely to want two Fry Station Drawers, one on each side of the fryer, with chips in one and other frozen foods in the other.

Although the Fry Station Drawer is perfect for holding frozen food for frying, its variable temperature operation means you can set the operating temperature between +1 and -22°C.  The chilled mode is ideal for storing produce such as vegetables, meat or fish, or event salads and garnish, in perfect condition.  Williams says the fridge mode is more likely to be utilised in the two drawer version, for grill, griddle or chargrill cook stations rather than fryers, since they tend to use more fresh ingredients.

Fry Station Drawers use eco-friendly, natural hydrocarbon refrigerant.  This has a GWP of just three, an ODP of zero, and excellent thermodynamic properties, resulting in high energy efficiency.  Precision injected, high density polyurethane insulation, also with low GWP and zero ODP, provides maximum thermal properties.  The Fry Station Drawer also features the latest version of Williams' intelligent CoolSmart controller, to help minimise energy consumption.

With a foodsafe stainless steel exterior, aluminium interior and features like an easy grab handle that minimises dirt traps, the Fry Station is design to be easy to clean.  A front vending ventilation system makes it easy to maintain and allows it to be installed in tight spaces, while an advanced airflow design ensures optimum performance and energy efficiency.

An important benefit of the design is the variety of height options, allowing operators to match the level of the fryer or work top.  Its footprint of just 455mm x 734mm makes the Fry Station Drawer perfect for use in smaller locations where space is at a premium.

"Williams is committed to constant research and development to find new ways of meeting the needs of customers," says Malcolm Harling, sales and markeing director of Williams.  "The new Fry Station Drawer is an excellent choice for any business that wants to provide a selection of quality fried foods."

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