Sign of the Don

As you’d expect, given the location, it also has discerning and knowledgeable customers, so wine storage is critical. To ensure it stays in its optimum condition the Sign of The Don has purchased five Williams Wine Towers, each storing up to 150 bottles.

Located on the site of the original Sandeman port and sherry cellar, The Sign of The Don has a main bar restaurant, where the first of the Wine Towers is located, then a downstairs area and a wine tasting room, each housing two Towers.

“We worked with English Heritage on the site,” says Robyn Wilson who, with husband Robert, owns the Bleeding Heart restaurant group. It includes The Sign of The Don and the adjacent The Don restaurant. '

It is packed with history – Sandeman set up here in 1798, but there was already a medieval cellar, it’s a fabulous site. When we opened for business, the Lord Mayor of London came to do the honours.

“Our audience is very wine-savvy. They know what temperature their wine should be served at. It has to be perfect. The Williams Wine Towers are very good, they keep the temperature just right.”

Performance is critical but it wasn’t the only buying criteria. The Wine Towers are front of house: “It’s all about showing off the wine,” says Robyn. “They are stylish, clean and elegant. They’re doing a wonderful job.”