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Choosing Back Bar Refrigeration with Williams

Monday 21 March 2016

Bottle coolers tend to be the main element of back bar refrigeration, but venues with high volume bottle sales can find bottle wells a more convenient or supplementary option. A small fridge such as an Aztra undercounter unit is useful for keeping cocktail garnishes fresh and for keeping milk cool in venues offering hot beverage options.

Coping with the demands of a busy venue means back bar refrigeration has to operate efficiently and maintain temperatures as bottles are taken out, stock is replenished and doors continually opened and closed. It also has to be robust enough to survive a punishing level of wear and tear, as well as being reliable, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Functionality is not the only consideration - there is an increasing trend for operators wanting refrigeration tailored to suit the venues look, desired footprint and application. They need to maximise the display area, maximise sales and look good whilst delivering high performance refrigeration.

Units with glass doors and effective lighting ensure an attractive display, while adjustable shelves enable different sized bottles and cans to be stored efficiently and easily restocked. Variable thermostats allow the operators to set the optimum temperature, between 4 and 10ºC, to suit the environment, customer preference and any specific requirements of the beverage.

As hotels, bars and restaurants are increasingly investing an incredible amount of passion in selecting the very best wine, they are looking for the correct storage to protect, mature and maintain it. Housing bottles of wine in a bespoke, attractive front-of-house unit enables customers to easily see the selection available and to make informed purchasing decisions.

“We have combined functionality and style with our refrigerated Wine Tower,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams.  “The Wine Tower combines the correct balance and control of temperature, humidity, light and presentation, with sleek, stylish and sophisticated presentation. Its air circulation keeps wine in its optimum condition, at temperatures from 5 to 16°C”.

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