Have a Good Friday with Williams.

Have a Good Friday with Williams – Fish storage made easy.

Thursday 23 March 2017

Fish and Chips on Good Friday is a traditional part of the Easter routine for many, and it remains one of the busiest times of the year for the takeaway industry as thousands of people flock to their local chippie.

Stocking up

One of the main issues for fish & chip shops at this time is guaranteeing enough stock to carry you through. Fish merchants report that demand for fish goes up in the days and weeks before Good Friday, so you don’t want to run out.

Luckily, popular chip shop fish such as cod, haddock or plaice can be frozen and stored safely for many months with negligible loss of quality but you need good refrigeration units. Williams Refrigeration offers a range of freezers available in both cabinet and counter form, from the large two-door Jade cabinet to slimline under counter units ideal where space is at a premium. For those who need fast access to carefully organised goods, our latest range of powerful freezer drawers combines the benefits of cabinets and the convenience of counters.

These drawer counters are ideal for retailers looking to offer a more diverse menu, to meet the demands of customers who are becoming more adventurous with their tastes. With a greater need for variety, drawers make it simple to keep a selection of speciality fish or shellfish in perfect condition while retaining easy access to everything.

While frozen fish can be simply stored in a standard unit, specialist equipment is often required for fresh fish due to the increased salt and acids present within it. These can cause corrosion of stainless steel finishes, and can even affect the refrigeration system itself. Williams’ range of specialised fish cabinets and counters incorporate unique coated condenser coils and an enhanced internal finish to keep your product in peak condition without compromising your equipment.

As well as a toughened interior, our Zircon fish cabinets are calibrated to precise temperatures ensuring your fish is kept in optimum condition. They also come equipped with a range of specially designed polypropylene containers with removable slime trays. These allow for easy stock rotation, vital for reducing food waste, as well as being easy to clean.

Aztra Freezer Drawers and Upright Fish Cabinets

Keep it clean

Whether it’s before the rush or in the lull after Good Friday, it’s a good idea to schedule some preventative maintenance around this time to make sure it’s working at maximum efficiency.

One of the main pieces of preventative maintenance you can do is keeping the condenser coils free of dust. This will make it easier for the cabinet to maintain the correct temperature, as well as lowering energy costs and helping to increase working life.

There are other small jobs that you can do to help improve the operating life of your equipment. As part of your regular cleaning schedule, make sure to include the door gaskets in this routine to make sure the seal is working correctly. A damaged seal will mean the refrigeration system has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

While the busier times of the year can make it difficult to keep to these kinds of schedules, regular maintenance and cleaning will help keep your equipment working in peak condition for longer, helping you provide your customers with the tasty food they love and  making sure you don’t miss out on the profits these times can offer your business.

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