The trending fridge: Williams pushes boundaries with Chameleon

Williams has enhanced its Chameleon service with the launch of a host of new graphics ideas.

Williams has enhanced its Chameleon service with the launch of a host of new graphics ideas.  Chameleon allows customers to turn their refrigeration cabinet into a statement piece, by encasing it in a bespoke design, using ultra-hardwearing and food-safe vinyl wrap.

"A lot of customers really love the idea of Chameleon, but they're not sure what they actually want, or how far to push it," says Martin Laws, marketing manager of Williams.  "By offering a library of ideas we've been able to help them make their front of house fridge a fashion items rather than a stainless steel box."

Chameleon is bang on trend, delivering the perfect refrigeration solution for theatre style kitchens and front of house cooking.  "It allows the foodservice operators to match their fridge cabinets to the style and décor of the venue," says Laws.

As part of the Chameleon service, Williams will create graphics in-house.  Alternatively, customers can provide their own designs.  Ideas range from brick walls to great works of art, reimagined for the catering kitchen.  In fact, there's no limit to the colours, designs and patterns that Chameleon can create.  "A fur fridge?  A flower fridge?  A fridge in jeans?  We're excited to see how far the market will push the boundaries," says Laws.

The Chameleon vinyl meets all food hygiene requirements, is heat resistant from -40°C up to 140°C and has been awarded a BI fire rating.  With an eight-year shelf life, it is tough enough to cope with the most hectic working environments.  It can be applied to a wide range of products, including counters, prep stations and cabinets.

The cost of Chameleon will depend on the selected model and the complexity of the graphic.  The price is available on application.

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