Further Coldroom Options

A cold room can be customised with additional extras, from bumper rails and shelving to external coldrooms.

External Coldroom

External Coldrooms

Williams external coldrooms provide the ideal solution for increased refrigerated storage capacity and are designed to be suitable for all weather conditions. Williams outdoor coldrooms have exteriors made from HPS plastisol coated galvanised steel, which is hardwearing and weatherproof. Their flat ceiling is overclad with an angled sheet to provide run off to the guttering. 

Bumper Rails on a Modular Walk in Coldroom

Bumper Rails

Optional bumper bars offer increased durability and longevity to your coldroom and are ideal for environments with high stock rotation such as supermarkets.

Internal Coving for Walk in Cold Store


White PVC coving for enhanced aesthetics and ease of cleaning.

Foamed in Conduit with Camlock Coldroom Panel

Foamed in Conduits

Provide improved aesthetics and added protection for cabling.

Stainless Steel Shelving for Modular Coldrooms


Maximise your coldroom capacity by choosing from a comprehensive range of functional shelving options. We offer a wide choice of finishes including stainless steel, anodised aluminium and nylon coated to suit all applications and budgets.

Modular Coldroom Access Hatch

Access Hatch

For ease of service and maintenance.

Coldroom foot operated door opener

Coldroom Foot Operated Door Opener

Constructed from robust stainless steel, simply step on the pedal to operate the lever which opens the coldroom door. Thought to be the first of its kind for coldroom applications, this easy to operate device allows staff to enter the coldroom without having to touch the door with their hands. Read more.


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