How Hotels can bring style to Front of House equipment

Fine hotels are synonymous with luxury, comfort, and perhaps more recently innovative design. We have all walked into a gorgeous hotel restaurant and marvelled at the attention to detail, and that sense of style is now often carried through to theatre style kitchens.

Customisation may be key to standing out from the crowd. With Williams Chameleon, hotels now have a greater choice. You can now vinyl-wrap almost any piece of equipment in the Williams range with your choice of colour or design. Whether your hotel’s style is dark and demure, or bright and modern, your equipment can not only be camouflaged, but become a statement centrepiece to catch the eye of your clientele.

And as beautifully designed equipment bespoke to your kitchen space is becoming more necessary, Front of House products such as the Williams Wine Towers and Bottle Coolers may be for you. With all sides finished in ultra-clear glass and a capacity of up to 248 bottles, our Wine Towers are sure to make an impact. One such installation at The Sign of the Don significantly features our range of bespoke Wine Towers.

With the line between front of house and back of house blurring, and the standards for design increasing, ensure your equipment and kitchen suite are ahead of the trends. Whether your hotel could benefit from more functionality or style, Williams could help you have both.

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