Williams' new reach in Blast Chillers offers faster chilling

Our new Blast Chillers are the perfect choice for caterers in every sector who cook then chill food.

Williams Refrigeration has released a new version of its reach-in blast chillers and blast chiller/freezers which provide significant improvements over previous models. Blast chilling is a key process for cook chill systems, allowing businesses to safely chill and store food in batches before regeneration is required.

Our new models ensure chilling food safety regulations are followed by rapidly chilling food through the danger zone where harmful bacteria can grow, to a safe storage temperature. The new models help to protect food by lowering it from +90°C through the danger zone (63°C – 5°C) where harmful bacteria can grow rapidly, down to a safe storage temperature.

The range now uses natural hydrocarbon refrigerant which has low Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depletion Potential. As the charge is less than 150g it falls beneath the threshold for hydrocarbon equipment, which means there’s no need for costly insurance or zone control and allows the unit to be installed directly on a cookline.

Chilling and freezing times have been reduced compared to previous models, offering increased efficiency. The powerful food probe sensor, fitted in every model, can save energy by stopping the cycle as soon as the food reaches the required temperature. This probe can be stored away helping to avoid damage when not in use.

While some manufacturers promote a maximum capacity for their blast chiller/freezers, this is often smaller for freezing than it is for chilling. However, Williams’ blast chillers have the same capacity regardless of whether it is being used to freeze or chill.

The overall design has also been improved, with a sleek new door and the popular, easy to use Williams EasyBlast (WEB) controller. A simple 1-2-3 interface makes it easy for staff to program the cycle, while a clear digital display shows the elapsed time and the food probe temperature.

The door can be configured to be either right or left hand hung depending on preference. Furthermore, a full-length integral door handle provides an easy to use, non-slip grab that is designed to be easy to clean, with no potential dirt traps.

The reduction in chilling and freezing times helps to deliver significant savings in energy compared with previous models, and the range has BREEAM accreditation. Efficiency is further improved by the 75mm high density polyurethane insulation which helps to maintain operating temperature in ambient conditions up to 43°C.

Williams blast chiller and chiller/freezer ranges are available in both reach-in and roll-in models in a variety of capacities. Our new range of reach in models are available from the compact 10kg undercounter unit up to 50kg cabinets while roll in models start from 70kg capacity up to 320kg.

For more information on our new Reach-In Blast Chillers, Chiller Freezers, click here.