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We provide industry leading practical advice on selecting equipment and looking after your investment.


We provide industry leading practical advice on selecting equipment and looking after your investment. Whether you’re after help choosing the correct type of refrigeration, need help programming a blast chiller or wish to make your preparation counters run more efficiently, we can help.

Our guides are not limited to the products we supply. We also offer information and advice on industry issues affecting the foodservice industry, such as latest environmental legislation as guides on food safety. 

Care and Maintenance

Choosing genuine spare parts

Learn why choosing genuine spare parts is important.

Technical/Industry Guides

Guide to MEPS

Minimum Energy Performance Standard for Commercial Refrigeration - An Introductory Guide.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for stainless steel

Improper maintenance of stainless steel can result in corrosion, fortunately preventing this is simple.

How To Guides

Choosing refrigeration for small kitchens

Williams Guide to Small Kitchen Refrigeration.

Product Guides

Blast Chillers | Energy Efficiency

Blast Chiller and Blast Freezer are the perfect choice for caterers in every sector who cook then chill food such as Hospitals, pubs, airlines, schools, and event caterers.

Product Guides

Prep Stations | Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving tips for Preparation Stations.

Energy Saving Tips

Energy saving tips for commercial refrigeration

Energy Saving tips for Commercial Refrigeration.

Product Guides

Merchandisers | Energy Efficiency

Energy saving tips for refrigerated merchandisers.

Product Guides

Cook chill guide

Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation designed to provide more flexibility in foodservice.

Product Guides

Counters | Energy Efficiency

Counter fridges are increasing in popularity and offer many of the advantages of a traditional upright cabinet but with space saving advantages.

Product Guides

Refrigerated Cabinets | Energy Efficiency

Despite the increasing popularity of counter fridges, the upright cabinet is still the biggest seller in commercial refrigeration.

Care and Maintenance

Prolonging the life of a cabinet

Prolonging the life of your Williams fridge or freezer cabinets and counters begins the moment it arrives on site.