Let's get bespoke

With the modern commercial kitchen constantly evolving, Williams Refrigeration offers a wide selection of bespoke services to help suit all workspaces as well as helping them stand out of the crowd.

Kitchens are a space of beauty. When everything is in place, orders are flowing and production is ticking – cooking moves like clockwork. However, a kitchen relies on a number of important ticks, with none more so than the equipment that forms the makeup.

From cookers, freezers and prep stations to fridges, everything must be singing off the same hymn sheet to maximise production. That’s not the only thing though. Space is equally important, especially in the smaller setting.

It’s not new news that commercial kitchens are getting smaller. Food businesses are driving bottom line growth by dedicating more space for more bottoms on seats. The area that has had to absorb a dramatic change is the back-of-house, which has cooked up its fair share of issues when it comes to making the most out of the space available.

Not seeing it is an issue, but rather an opportunity, Williams has a vast selection of products that cater for the smaller commercial kitchen. In fact, the trend of smaller kitchens has prompted further developments and customization of slimline versions of standard products. The aim? To make sure they fit into a more compact space.

From the Jade Slimline counter to the ultra slim Jade 300 cabinet, to the Multideck R Series and undercounter Blast Chillers, Williams can cater for all kitchen spaces through smaller alternatives.

The innovation hasn’t stopped there. Saving space is key and two top performers leading the line are the Variable Temperature Chef’s Drawer and the Under Broiler counter. Both feature low-height attributes as well as being perfect for suiting with many prime cooking stations. The Chef’s Drawer has the added benefit of offering ultimate in fridge / freezer flexibility and the ability of being stacked – another big space saving plus!

Moving away from the smaller pieces of equipment, another space saver can be found in the form of Williams’ coldrooms. Due to no two being the same, a coldroom design can be adjusted to fit just about any shape, configuration, application and temperature range, for both kitchens large and small. In other words, coldrooms can be completely bespoke for purpose.

And talking of a completely bespoke service sees the attention shift to the Chameleon. Much like the reptile that can adapt to its surroundings, the Williams Chameleon vinyl wrap offers just that with its concept of transforming the look of a fridge exterior to suit a particular kitchen’s style. The cladding can feature any pattern, graphic or colour, as well as even having a special texture. It can be fitted to any products in the Williams range and allows operators to turn a fridge into an eye-catching talking point.

With commercial kitchens edging more towards abandoning traditional settings, it allows for creative minds to explore every single option. As themed kitchen trends also continue to grow – albeit besides reducing kitchen sizes – here lies the opportunity to refresh, tailor and modernise a setting to deliver a reliable and efficient workplace.

And with Williams’ products at the helm, which offers over 4,500 model variants, the bespoke approach has never been easier to consume.

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